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Last Updated July 2, 2024

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By the way, we hope you appreciate our direct and honest communication with you. We are NOT a listing site, and, unlike many other sites you will find, we do NOT pretend to be. We are here to provide you with the best information we can on Cold Storage Warehouse for sale, New York. We provide commercial real estate brokerage services - plainly and simply. We mention this because the purpose of all publicly available listing sites is to serve as click bait to lead you, as a potential client, to a Real Estate Broker. The property they are sharing with you may or may not be available. This is not the best way to find a broker who can meet your needs. That's where we come in. We serve as your broker and look out for your best interests - from start to finish.

If you are searching for Cold Storage Warehouse for sale, New York, you've come to the right place. In this article, we cover three key topics, including:

  • An overview of cold storage warehousing.
  • An offer of our professional services to help you identify and acquire your next warehouse of any type, including Cold Storage Warehouse for sale in New York, from the best listed and unlisted sources. It's what we do!
  • A few examples of properties - like the ones in this category - in the form of a survey. That level of information and more would be a part of the search we would conduct for your specific requirements. Skip directly to the search/survey section for this page.

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We've seen a significant amount of traffic on our site involving cold storage(cooler and/or freezer)-equipped warehouses for Sale. We've pursued enough of these opportunities that we feel we've established a bit of a specialty in the area. We update our survey of properties periodically. As with any set of properties, their status is very dynamic, so expect us to have to research for you anyway to make sure things are still available and are what they seem to be. Unfortunately, Cold Storage space is in high demand, so you should generally expect some twists and turns as we work to find you what you need - including possible retrofitting of an existing warehouse with the type of refrigeration that you require. We’ll identify the best listed and unlisted Cold Storage Warehouses for Sale in the New York Metro at no charge for you. Let us do the searching for you - it's what we do! If you need cold storage warehouse space in the New York Metro area, please contact us for more detailed assistance. In the mean time, read on for more information about Cold Storage warehouses.

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Cold storage is crucial for American cities, especially New York and its metropolitan area. The Big Apple is the most cosmopolitan city in America, which shows in its wide range of cultural offers for dining. For example, you can eat sushi, Ethiopian food, and Colombian dishes on the same street. The migrant communities are enormous and eat out and eat in. Ethnic food tends to have a lot of imported ingredients and often requires refrigeration. With the grocery e-commerce boom, cold storage requirements in the New York metropolitan area have increased considerably: making a grocery shopping list through an app and waiting for it at the front door is better than going to the supermarket.

Cold Storage Warehouse Word Cloud Infographic | Warehouse Finder

There are a wide range of uses for refrigerated space in warehouses. This includes things like Food Preparation and Storage at various stages of the value chain, vaccines and other drugs, plants, and, interestingly, more obscure items like document and art. For completeness, this can also include display of articles at temperature, but this is more likely at the retail level.

Cold Storage Warehouse for Lease or Sale | Warehouse Finder

There are many complications with regard to Cold Storage. It tends to be expensive in terms of building, operating and maintaining. Your Cold Storage space is often built of necessity much like a building within a building because of the rigorous requirements. It must be sealed and extensively insulated. You must have ingress and egress - probably for humans and product from inside the building, and then if you are a volume operation you will likely need access through a dock directly connecting your cold storage space in warehouse with your cold storage transportation. All of these doors must be insulated and sealed as well. The space must be refrigerated throughout with temperatures carefully regulated. IF you need to store foods that require different temperatures, then you must create separators and regulate temperature differently for each area. If you are concerned about cross contamination between food types - like, say, you are doing some food processing in your cold space or for some other reason - then you must be able to certify what has and is being done in the area you are using and how it has been cared for. You'll probably need to be able to provide proof that what you've stored has been maintained at specified temperatures. These are some of the many complications...

Cold Storage Warehouse for Lease or Sale | Warehouse Finder

First principles - building out and maintaining Cold Storage capability can be an expensive proposition. For this reason at a minimum, unused Cold Storage space tends to be scarce.

  • Sometimes you will find facilities - often large - that have been vacated and are available to buy or lease. Figuring out if this type of facility is usable can be an undertaking. You will need to assess a wide range of issues - refrigeration methods, insulation quality and status, temperature ranges and divisibility, etc., etc.. You likely won't know exactly why the prior occupant decided to move out, so, of course, take care.
  • If you have the scale, you will probably want to at least consider acquiring land and building. Of course, this requires more capital investment, so it needs to fit within the financial strategy of your company. This method should be expected to be better for your company from a COGS perspective, but it's possible you'll pay a price in flexibility over the long term. Build your own is not a decision to be taken lightly.
  • Another is to find someone who's built it for themselve and determine whether or not they have space they aren't using and lease some space from them.
  • Another is to find Cold Storage equipped space already built that is for sale or lease and have your Broker help you lease or buy the space.
  • In the area of lease, there are people who build buildings to sub-divide the space and lease portions of the space to tenants. If this includes cold storage space, this could be your answer.
  • There are also 3rd Party Logistics providers that provide and/or specialize in cold storage and will sell you cold storage as a part of a logistics package.

There are likely other options, and any of these may be an option for you.

If you expect to lease cold storage space, divisibility of that space can be quite challenging depending upon your requirements. Simply equipping a stand-alone facility for a single occupant with a range of refrigeration requirements isn't a picnic either. Available cold storage space must be divided up to provide potential tenants with what they need in terms of space and temperature. If the Tenant's requirements are complicated, this can raise the expense levels significantly. Chances are good that the landlord will be asking you to commit to a longer-term lease or pony up some of the capital expense up front to accommodate your needs - or both.

It can be possible to retrofit cold storage into an existing facility - although it might not be "pretty."

If you simply require non-freezing refrigerated space, then you can often just build an enclosure within the subject building and equip that enclosure properly. You need to determine whether or not you need the refrigeration to include some or all of your dock area.

Freezing space is a different matter altogether. Retrofitting a large freezer space within an existing building will likely require demo-ing that portion of your foundation and re-installing foundation to a new specification. At that point, you would then build a chamber similar to the more simple refrigerated space above - except with more stringent requirements. In this case, frost is not your friend.

You and/or your potential landlord will need to hire a refrigeration specialist to help everyone get what they need.

If you are new to cold storage, likely no one would hold it against you if you decided that maybe you should have someone else do the cold storage for you. There are 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) providers in the industry who do this for many reasons including those outlined above. This can be a good way to start out if you still learning or even expanding into a new area. As you grow, you will learn more about what you need, and trade-offs you encounter with 3PL vs. those that you expect with having your own space will begin to favor a roll-your-own approach - at which point you should likely begin to look at it more seriously again.

See the Survey Description Section for a contextual description of Surveys and for what they are used.

Survey Item 1 of 3 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Purchase
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
278 and 440 Expressways
Keyword Selection
Near Port Newark & Elizabeth
Keyword Selection
Howland Hook Marine Terminal
Property Descriptions
Total Square Feet
Actual: 63000
Office Square Feet
Actual: 3000
Clear Height (ft)
Actual: 25
Further Description * 63,000 SF Building Area
* 3,000 SF Office
* 2.19 AC Lot Size
* M3-1 Zoning
* 1 Story Building
* Class C Building
* Built 1945
* Dry sprinkler system
* Heavy 3-phase power
* 25 FT Clear Ceiling Height
* 5 Dock-High Doors
* 3 Grade-Level Doors
* Investment or Owner User Sale Type

This single-story Class C building is a 63,000 square foot cold storage warehouse, complemented by an additional 3,000 square feet of office space. Built in 1945 and located on a 2.19-acre lot with M3-1 zoning, it is available for either investment or owner-user sale. The facility is equipped with a full dry sprinkler system, heavy 3-phase power, and a 3-inch low-pressure gas service, ensuring robust infrastructure for industrial operations. With a clear ceiling height of 25 feet, the building features five dock-high doors and three grade-level doors, facilitating efficient loading and unloading. The paved loading area provides ample space to park up to sixteen 53-foot trailers, making it an ideal choice for businesses requiring extensive logistical capabilities.

Survey Item 2 of 3 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Purchase
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
Saw Mill River, Cross County, I-81
Property Descriptions
Total Square Feet
Actual: 99835
Clear Height (ft)
Actual: 15
Further Description * 99,835 SF Building Area
* 1.89 AC Lot Size
* 2 Stories
* Built 1888
* Lighting
* Bus Line
* Skylights
* Waterfront
* Fenced Lot
* Gas Heating
* Front Loading
* 24 Hour Access
* Class B Building
* Air Conditioning
* Sale - Owner User
* 15 FT Clear Height
* City Water & Sewer
* 1.5/1,000 SF Parking Ratio
* 11 Dock-High Doors/Loading
* 6 Drive In / Grade-Level Doors

This property was completed in 1888 with a 99,835-square-foot structure on a 1.89-acre lot. It is a two-story building categorized as Class B. It provides a parking ratio of 1.5 spaces per 1,000 square feet. The facility features a 15-foot clear height, eleven dock-high doors, and six drive-in doors. It has 24-hour access, is conveniently located near a bus line, and includes a fenced lot with front loading capabilities. The property is well-lit with skylights and has a waterfront location. It is equipped with air conditioning, lighting, and gas heating, and it is connected to city water and sewer systems. Additionally, there is space available for cooler and freezer storage, along with a yard area.

Survey Item 3 of 3 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Purchase
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
Newark Liberty International Airport
Keyword Selection
Maher Terminal
Property Descriptions
Total Square Feet
Actual: 30000
Office Square Feet
Actual: 4000
Clear Height (ft)
Actual: 20
Further Description * 30,000 SF Building Area
* 1.00 AC Lot Size
* 1 Story
* Built 1910
* Sale-Investment
* Class C Building
* 20' Clear Height
* 3 Dock-High Doors/Loading
* 3 Drive In / Grade-Level Doors
* 4,000 SF Refrigerated Space
* 3,050 SF Blast Freezer
* 7,000 SF Processing Area
* 9,710 SF Dry Space
* 2,240 SF (56’ deep) Loading Area
* Floor Drains
* Fenced Lot
* Heating - Gas

This USDA food facility with an impressive building area of 30,000 SF and a lot size of 1.00 AC, was erected in 1910 with a Class C rating. The building includes 4,000 SF of refrigerated space, a 3,050 SF blast freezer, 7,000 SF of processing area, 9,710 SF of dry space, and an office area of 4,000 SF. The building also has 20 feet ceiling height with floor drains, grease traps, vacuum shoots, and liquid nitrogen. Additionally, it has three dock-high and grade-level doors for loading access.

When a client asks us to help them search for a property to meet their needs for a Cold Storage Warehouse for Sale in New York, we go to the best listing services and to our fellow Commercial Real Estate brokers to pull together all the information available for properties meeting the stated client requirements. We validate the information to be provided - likely by talking directly with the selling or leasing brokers - and then help our clients go through this information to help them select the best fit properties, from which the client would select properties they wish to tour. We are posting an abbreviated version of a search we've either performed for another client, or one we've performed particularly for this article. We call the information provided in this article a "Survey," and we'd love to turn this survey into a full set of search results based upon your requirements! If you don't see a survey in the next section, it just means we haven't gotten around to it yet. If you need this type of property, please do let us know and we'll contact you to get started. The search we perform for you will include most or all categories you see here, plus information about pricing, other expenses, availability, and anything we can find regarding other requirements you provide for your use case. We would provide all of this, along with any available flyers, photos, and detailed information regarding each property.

This standard brokerage service is provided at no cost to you as it is ordinarily included in the transaction and paid for by the seller or landlord.

The market for Commercial Real Estate is very dynamic, and information regarding an available property can change from day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and even minute-to-minute. When you provide us with your requirements for a given property type, we perform a new search, validate all of the information, and provide you with the most reliable information we are able. The information we obtain for you is obtained from what we believe to be reliable sources. The statements and representations made are from these sources and not the statements and representations of the broker putting together your requested search.

Our job is to find a selection of Cold Storage Warehouses for Sale in the New York Metro using all public and private information services along with our shoe leather and connections. This identification process is without financial obligation to you. Brokers make their money at closing, and these commissions are generally included in the lease and purchase price. To make contact with us, please use our chat widget at the bottom right of your screen, call the number at the top right of your screen, or go to our form page to send us your contact information and a summary of your requirement. For more information about our New York Area Affiliate, and more about what we do for you, please visit our New York Metro Area.

If you like what you see here and you have a Cold Storage Warehouse for Sale in New York, or any other property or space you want to put on the market, please contact us and we'll provide you with a no-obligation listing consultation. To make contact with us, please use our chat widget to the bottom right of your screen, call the number at the top right of your screen, or use our listing information form to send us your contact information and a summary of your property.

What we do here at Warehouse Finder is identify and manage Broker/Affiliates in Metro areas as they work to help valued clients get the property or space that they need. We aim to be the best at what we do. If you have a requirement you can't service - most likely for a Metro area you don't serve - please contact us using our chat widget at the bottom right of your screen, call the number at the top right of your screen, or use our Broker Requirement form to send us your contact information and a summary of the requirement you would like us to address for your valued client. We will reach out to you as soon as practical to discuss the requirement and terms for proceeding.

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