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Frequently Asked Questions List

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    Is my information safe? Will I be put on a call or email list?


    We do not intend to sell your information to other companies so that they can market products other than, of course, commercial real estate requirements. Your information is being put here on this site for purposes of sharing with other real estate professionals possessing or searching for professionals possessing real estate requirements. You should expect your information to be shared with other members of this website as that is its purpose. We do expect to email you notifications regarding the status of your submissions. We may also occasionally send you updates about our website or our company.

  • zoom_in Question:

    I have a mobile phone and I don’t see how to navigate your website. Where are the links?


    IF you are using a device with a small window (like a cell phone), the menu system ends up being collapsed. With larger windows, there will be a menu bar along the top of our web site where most of the links are located. If you are on a smaller screen, the menu collapses and you will need to click on the “square-ish” symbol - sometimes called the “hamburger” symbol - in the top menu bar all the way to the right of your screen or browser window. The menu system will then expand into your screen from the side so that you can make a selection from this menu.

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