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Last Updated April 21, 2024

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By the way, we hope you appreciate our direct and honest communication with you. We are NOT a listing site, and, unlike many other sites you will find, we do NOT pretend to be. We are here to provide you with the best information we can on Warehouse Stabilized Yard for sale, Oklahoma City. We provide commercial real estate brokerage services - plainly and simply. We mention this because the purpose of all publicly available listing sites is to serve as click bait to lead you, as a potential client, to a Real Estate Broker. The property they are sharing with you may or may not be available. This is not the best way to find a broker who can meet your needs. That's where we come in. We serve as your broker and look out for your best interests - from start to finish.

If you are searching for Warehouse Stabilized Yard for sale, Oklahoma City, you've come to the right place. In this article, we cover three key topics, including:

  • An overview of stabilized yards.
  • An offer of our professional services to help you identify and acquire your next warehouse of any type, including Warehouse Stabilized Yard for sale in Oklahoma City, from the best listed and unlisted sources. It's what we do!
  • A few examples of properties - like the ones in this category - in the form of a survey. That level of information and more would be a part of the search we would conduct for your specific requirements. Skip directly to the search/survey section for this page.

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You likely found us here because you are searching for Warehouse Space with Stabilized Yard, Land or simply Stabilized Yard for sale in the Oklahoma City Metro area. Our Oklahoma City Metro affiliate broker has experience with Stabilized Yard properties, having leased and sold existing properties/spaces. There are many means of stabilization - some acceptable in Metro areas, and some not so acceptable. We’ll identify the best listed and unlisted Warehouse Stabilized Yard for lease or rent in the Houston Metro at no charge for you. Let us do the searching for you - it's what we do! Our Oklahoma City Metro Affiliate will lead you through this process and find the Stabilized Yard space you need if it's out there.

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At a significant crossroads like Oklahoma City (OKC), it's essential to have space for trucks and trailers to wait hours or days until truck drivers can rest or until new loads have been made. You can rent or buy these spaces with or without an adjacent warehouse. They are also excellent for storing materials that do not deteriorate in the rain or sun. Yards may have been stabilized with gravel, cement, or asphalt. In any case, they prevent runoff water from stagnating and allow better use of the space.

paved or stabilized yard for inventory storage

The photo above shows a paved (apparently with blacktop) yard. There are a quite a few stabilization methods. Among the most common are concrete, asphalt or blacktop, crushed concrete, and gravel.

A yard is stabilized generally so that you can drive over it, and store vehicles and materials that are less susceptible to the weather. Without stabilization, the vehicles and materials would tend to sink into the ground, particularly but not only during wet weather. 

Security is usually also an issue with stabilized yards. They would normally be fenced and secured. The property usually stored on the yards may not always be the most portable, but thieves work by the "where there's a will, there's a way" philosophy.

You will find stabilize land, or yard in pretty much any Metro, including the Oklahoma City Metro.

Paved or Stabilized Yard has many uses in addition to the above mentioned use of parking and storing vehicles like Semi-Trucks and Semi-Trailers. It can be used to store inventory - pipe and other items that can withstand the elements - as shown in the attached photo. It can even be used to display inventory, as in the case of processed stone used for countertops and siding. This is not even close to an exhaustive list. It is also often used as a place to park trucks and trailers, empty and loaded. With proper security, gating and fencing, it can be a reasonably secure place to store and display many items - especially heavy ones.

Overall, the design and installation of any reliable form of stabilization is expensive, and tends to be time consuming when factoring in engineering and the meeting of local requirements for drainage and stormwater retention. Consequently, paying a premium for a warehouse stabilized yard for lease or sale can be a worthwhile investment - as in, an area of land improved by stabilization is normally worth more than an un-stabilized acre. It is a common mistake to assume you can quickly and inexpensively just add stabilized yard using crushed concrete due to the dust that it can generate over time. Many localities have ordinances that restrict the method for this reason. Your locality may or may not require it, but you would do well to research whether extra drainage and stormwater retention are required for your area.

Leasing or buying a paved yard in the Oklahoma City Metro has many advantages over making one from raw land. From permits zoning restrictions to water retention ponds to construction costs - the complications are many and diverse. With an existing yard, you already know what you have and what it will cost and how long it will take to get it. Stabilizing land on site with your existing, active operations can also be disruptive. This might lead to delays and added costs. 

See the Survey Description Section for a contextual description of Surveys and for what they are used.

Survey Item 1 of 3 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Purchase
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
Near Highways 277 and 81
Property Descriptions
Total Square Feet
Actual: 3000
Further Description * 3,000 SF Building Size
* 5.00 AC Lot Size
* Industrial Zoning
* 1950 Built
* Metal Construction
* 5 Drive-In Bays
* Graveled Yard
* Fenced Lot

The property spans across 5.00 acres and features a metal construction building covering 3,000 square feet. This structure comprises an insulated 2,100 square foot warehouse with two cargo doors, along with a climate-controlled office area, and a 2,400 square foot warehouse with three cargo doors. This building was originally constructed in 1950. The property also includes a large fenced gravel lot suitable for outdoor use.

Survey Item 2 of 3 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Purchase
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
Will Rogers World Airport
Keyword Selection
Keyword Selection
Keyword Selection
Kickapoo Turnpike
Property Descriptions
Clear Height (ft)
Actual: 18
Total Square Feet
Actual: 18000
Price in $
Actual: 4000000
Further Description * 18,000 SF Building Area
* 34.00 AC Lot Size
* 1 Story
* Built 1970
* Class C Building
* Sale - Owner User
* 18' Clear Height
* 24 Hour Access
* Fenced Lot
* Floor Drains
* Skylights
* Storage Space
* Monument Signage
* Lighting
* City Water & Sewer
* I-H, Heavy Industrial zoning
* 2.78/1,000 SF Parking Ratio
* 4 Dock-High Doors/Loading
* 4 Drive In / Grade-Level Doors

This property was completed in 1970 with an 18,000-square-foot structure on a 34-acre lot. It is a single-story structure categorized as Class C. It features an 18-foot clear height, a parking ratio of 2.78 spaces per 1,000 square feet, four dock-high doors, four drive-in access points, 24-hour availability, a fenced lot, floor drains, skylights, storage space, monument signage, lighting, city water and sewer connections, I-H zoning, rail service availability, and an outdoor yard area.

Survey Item 3 of 3 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Purchase
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
Keyword Selection
HWY 66
Property Descriptions
Clear Height (ft)
Actual: 18
Office Square Feet
Actual: 2400
Total Square Feet
Actual: 20000
Further Description * 20,000 SF Building Area
* 6.00 AC Lot Size
* 1 Story
* Built 2018
* Fully Insulated
* Class B Building
* 13'x13' OH Doors
* Sale - Owner User
* 18 FT Clear Height
* 2400 SF Office Space
* Fire Suppression System
* 7 Drive In / Grade-Level Doors
* 800amp/Three Phase/480v Power Supply

This property has a total area of 20,000 square feet and is situated on a spacious lot measuring 6.00 acres. It is a single-story structure that was completed in 2018 and falls under the classification of a Class B building. The interior of the building boasts a clear height of 18 feet and is equipped with seven drive-in doors, each measuring 13 feet by 13 feet. The power supply is robust, with 800 amps of three-phase electricity at 480 volts. The building is fully insulated, ensuring energy efficiency, and features a fire suppression system for enhanced safety. Additionally, there is a separate office space within the building, spanning an area of 2,400 square feet.

You will often find Paved or Stabilized Yard along with a Warehouse on the same property, but this isn't alway true. There are other ways to search for this type of property or space. Below we share a few other search options outside of the convention view of these storage yards for sale in Oklahoma City:

  • Paved Yard for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Stabilized Yard for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Concrete Yard for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Asphalt Yard for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Stabilized Gravel Yard for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Vehicle Storage Yard for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Vehicle Warehouse for Lease, Rent or Sale
  • Shipping Container Storage Yard for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Industrial Yard for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Laydown Yard

There are a number of cities included in the Oklahoma City Metro Area - here are a few of the larger ones: Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Bethany, El Reno, Chickasha, Choctaw, & Guthrie. You may find what you are looking for in these or other communities in the Metro Area.

The rest - hopefully close to an inclusive list, is on our Oklahoma City Metro Area home page. Navigate directly to the link on your Metro Home Page using the In-Page link for "Service Area Summary." This list includes all of the Cities and Towns of which we are aware in the Metro Area. Each City and Town listed is also a link to detailed statistics about that specific place drawn from various Census Bureau reports.

If you are in need of professional help to guide your Warehouse Stabilized Yard for Sale in Oklahoma City search, we're here to help!

Chat with a broker to help you today!

When a client asks us to help them search for a property to meet their needs for a Warehouse Stabilized Yard for Sale in Oklahoma City, we go to the best listing services and to our fellow Commercial Real Estate brokers to pull together all the information available for properties meeting the stated client requirements. We validate the information to be provided - likely by talking directly with the selling or leasing brokers - and then help our clients go through this information to help them select the best fit properties, from which the client would select properties they wish to tour. We are posting an abbreviated version of a search we've either performed for another client, or one we've performed particularly for this article. We call the information provided in this article a "Survey," and we'd love to turn this survey into a full set of search results based upon your requirements! If you don't see a survey in the next section, it just means we haven't gotten around to it yet. If you need this type of property, please do let us know and we'll contact you to get started. The search we perform for you will include most or all categories you see here, plus information about pricing, other expenses, availability, and anything we can find regarding other requirements you provide for your use case. We would provide all of this, along with any available flyers, photos, and detailed information regarding each property.

This standard brokerage service is provided at no cost to you as it is ordinarily included in the transaction and paid for by the seller or landlord.

The market for Commercial Real Estate is very dynamic, and information regarding an available property can change from day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and even minute-to-minute. When you provide us with your requirements for a given property type, we perform a new search, validate all of the information, and provide you with the most reliable information we are able. The information we obtain for you is obtained from what we believe to be reliable sources. The statements and representations made are from these sources and not the statements and representations of the broker putting together your requested search.

Our job is to find a selection of Warehouse Stabilized Yards for Sale in the Oklahoma City Metro using all public and private information services along with our shoe leather and connections. This identification process is without financial obligation to you. Brokers make their money at closing, and these commissions are generally included in the lease and purchase price. To make contact with us, please use our chat widget at the bottom right of your screen, call the number at the top right of your screen, or go to our form page to send us your contact information and a summary of your requirement. For more information about our Oklahoma City Area Affiliate, and more about what we do for you, please visit our Oklahoma City Metro Area.

If you like what you see here and you have a Warehouse Stabilized Yard for Sale in Oklahoma City, or any other property or space you want to put on the market, please contact us and we'll provide you with a no-obligation listing consultation. To make contact with us, please use our chat widget to the bottom right of your screen, call the number at the top right of your screen, or use our listing information form to send us your contact information and a summary of your property.

What we do here at Warehouse Finder is identify and manage Broker/Affiliates in Metro areas as they work to help valued clients get the property or space that they need. We aim to be the best at what we do. If you have a requirement you can't service - most likely for a Metro area you don't serve - please contact us using our chat widget at the bottom right of your screen, call the number at the top right of your screen, or use our Broker Requirement form to send us your contact information and a summary of the requirement you would like us to address for your valued client. We will reach out to you as soon as practical to discuss the requirement and terms for proceeding.

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