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  • link Milestone - 50+1 Real Estate Commissions - All 50 States + Puerto Rico
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    Synopsis Posted by Steve Watts, on July 27, 2019
    Article Synopsis

    A good while ago - if interested, you can likely tell how long by the dates of some of the posts - I began this journey of creating a web site for commercial real estate seekers. I hoped to fill the site with as much useful information as I could manage. Four or five other web sites under my belt later and I’m back to reassess and push forward. Finally taking the time to finish off the links to nation-wide Real Estate Commissions (however they are named) seems like a great thing to talk about at least briefly - not to mention an excellent way to tell our users about some of the techniques for finding this type of information on our site.

    The first thing to know - and if you are reading this you already know 1 way to find this article - it’s the FINDthisSPACE web site Articles and Links structure. Posts on our site are one of two things (so far) - 1) a BLOG Post like this one, and 2) a Link to useful information elsewhere on the web. In both cases, you can view the summary of all Posts, or Articles and Links on our Articles and Links page here. On this page, you’ll find all of them listed in chronological order with “sticky” articles we feel we need to prioritize at the top. If you just want to browse, this is probably where you want to be.

    For those of you who want to find information faster, we’ve provided a few ways to narrow things down. We’ve provided:

    • Good, old fashioned (I think anyway) Tags,
    • Place Tags that help you narrow down to a location,
    • Commercial Real Estate Type Tags to help you further focus your article selection.

    At this point, all the Real Estate Commission Links/Synopses are Tagged with Consumer Advocacy and State Regulations (I may use more tags as we go along on these). If you see one of these Tags under a synopsis on the BLOG page, you can click on that Tag and it will narrow (filter) the BLOG page by Tag - which I’m calling “tagify.” These links are also available on the BLOG Post/Article page (accessed under News and Info - the Articles & Links (A&L) link) after the article. These links work the same. Note that these Place Tags aren’t links yet - I’m working on that.

    As implied above, Place Tags are still under development. They have a good deal of potential. Right now, the best way to get to the state you want without browsing the entire set of posts is to use the “By Metro” under News and Info. Click on your state, and then on any of the Metro areas within that state to get the one you want. Anything Place-tagged with a state will appear with that filter.

    The last is the Commercial Real Estate type flag. This, too, is under continued development, but as of now it works as you might expect. There’s not a lot of content currently that requires this filter, but I expect that to change over time.

    If you end up finding these tags (filters) useful, you may also want to register with our site. Each of these tag types have their own saving mechanism, as do BLOG Posts themselves.

    Thanks for having a look and check back often!

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  • link Articles & Links Categories & Filters
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    Synopsis Posted by Steve Watts, on February 27, 2017
    Article Synopsis

    This article describes the method provided to help you sort through articles and links on our site. The site uses a system of categories and filters to help you narrow things down to your interests, and lets you save them and archive them so that they won’t be included in the future.

    This graphic below is an attempt to illustrate some the first-level methods for sorting Articles & Links (A&L). All A&Ls are grouped in the blue stack box. These can be sorted by CRE Type (yellow) and Metro Areas (yellow). CRE Types in this case will be all types available on our site. Metro Areas in this case will be Metro Areas where there is some activity. In each of these cases, you may save one or more CRE Type or Metro Area (gray) to use directly as filters, and if you have then links will show up for these with a count of the number of Areas or Types. The result of this sorting would be filtered lists of A&Ls.

    Graphic showing Articles & Links Categories & Filters

    Additionally, each article - with the exception of “sticky” articles which will already show up - can be saved for later use or eliminated from future consideration by archiving it.

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  • link Why "FIND this SPACE?"
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    Synopsis Posted by Steve Watts, on December 6, 2016
    Article Synopsis

    This is THE FIRST post on FIND this SPACE. It seems apt that it should be centered on explaining why this site was created. There are trends in the real estate technology sector moving toward helping a real estate “seeker” find a property that suits him/her on their own. Interestingly, the real estate industry is not really structured to support this approach, and for those who know already or can be convinced, we aim to help potential real estate clients find a practitioner who is anxious to help them find the space that best suits their needs.

    Real Estate law is normally structured so that both parties - the seller/lessor and the buyer/lessee - must have representation by a real estate professional except under very narrow circumstances (e.g. if you are an estate attorney). That said, there is a hole that many buyers/lessees fall through that is important to note. If you are seeking property and do not yet have this representation, any seller/lessor representative will call you a customer unless they can make you into a client. The difference is that a client is entitled to the fiduciary duty of his/her representative, whereas a customer should assume that the representative of the buyer/lessor owes their fiduciary duty to the seller/lessor. They must make their position in the relationship clear to you and treat you honestly, BUT you should NOT share information with this representative that you do not wish to share with the seller/lessor as it can seriously damage your negotiating position. Making sure you understand that you are a customer and not a client is the attempt of regulators to notify you of this actual conflict of interest. Note that if you tell them at your first meeting that you do not have, but would like representation, there are provisions requiring them to eliminate this conflict of interest. You should still be very careful what you say until your representation and representative are established.

    What I hope the above did was convince you to engage buyer’s/lessee’s representation. It generally costs you nothing, and brings you real advantages. This is important to protect your interests and to have someone in your corner. In some cases for a given location, we’ve already made a selection of a credible broker who would be willing to represent you. If we haven’t already made a selection in an area that you are interested, we will likely help you make a selection if you like. If you don’t see your area of the country in the “Localize” section, just request a property search or use “Get Answers” to make your request. I’ve developed, and continue to refine a process for this selection which I expect will be helpful to you.

    In any case, what I hope is that we will provide you with lots of information to support you in your real estate transaction.

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