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Houston, TX, Cold Storage Warehouse

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Inside of a Large Cold Storage Warehouse | Warehouse Finder

We’ve seen a significant amount of traffic on our site involving cold storage(cooler and/or freezer)-equipped warehouses - for sale, lease and rent. We’ve pursued enough of these opportunities that we feel we’ve established a bit of a specialty in the area. We’ve updated our survey of Houston cold storage warehouse properties recently. 

As with any set of properties, their status is very dynamic, so expect us to have to research for you anyway to make sure things are still available and are what the seem to be. If you need cold storage warehouse space in the Houston Metro area, please contact us for more detailed assistance. There are many cold storage warehouses for sale in Houston, storage facilities with the right climate controlled temperature zones to keep your goods and property in high quality condition.

As of the time of writing this article, we’ve identified several cold storage warehouses in Houston, TX, with some form of cold storage that either are or might be available for sale or lease. In the scheme of things, this is a sign of some scarcity, but this is also not to say that more couldn’t be found. 

Finding all of these took some digging, though, and change is a given in commercial real estate. We have these properties for sale, some with attached retail space and some as state-of-the-art temperature controlled warehouses that would be an ideal gear in your supply chain.

We hope we’ve made clear that we would love to help you find cold storage space in Houston. We think we’re at least as well equipped as any brokerage - probably better than most - to help you! Click for a more detailed discussion of the Cold Storage Shortage in the Houston Metro area. To see other relevant content on our site, please visit our Cold Storage BLOG Center of Excellence.

As you likely already know, there are many factors to consider when leasing or purchasing warehouse property in general. Adding cold storage capacity to the mix adds a good deal of complexity to that. Our Houston Affiliate is building a good deal of experience in the area, and we hope if you have Houston Cold Storage needs, you give us the opportunity to serve you. Click here to get started, call us at the number listed in the upper right, or use our chat box in the lower right.

Houston Survey Items

The following are real examples of Houston Metro properties like we would set out to find for you. The results of property "surveys," or searches, change on a frequent basis - sometimes by the hour. We always need to perform a search specifically for you. When we do so, we will verify property details and availability, and make sure the listing broker knows we have an interested client so that they will keep us updated regarding significant activity related to their property.

The property survey(s) shown below are for the Houston metro area and cover Cold Storage Warehouse for Sale and Cold Storage Warehouse for Lease Or Rent.

Survey Item 1 of 1 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Industrial & Flex
Transaction Type Lease
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
Inner Loop
Keyword Selection
Property Descriptions
Total Square Feet
Actual: 14960
Clear Height (ft)
Actual: 18
Freeform Comments * 2.23 Acres
* Fenced Lot
* Cooler

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