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Last Updated March 15, 2024

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Survey of Cold Storage Warehouse for Lease Or Rent - Houston Metro

Survey Items - examples of cold storage warehouses for lease or rent we've discovered in the Houston Metro Area.

For more about this, see our Survey/Survey Item Description Article for a contextual description of Surveys and for what they are used.

Survey Item 1 of 4 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Lease
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Property Descriptions
Clear Height (ft)
Actual: 21
Office Square Feet
Actual: 10912
Total Square Feet
Actual: 66005
Further Description * 66,005 SF Building Size
* 2.76 AC Lot Size
* RCLM Zoning
* Built 1982
* Masonry Construction
* 10,912 SF office space
* Freezer Space
* ESFR Sprinkler System
* Fully HVAC
* 21' Clear Height
* 6" Warehouse Floor
* 2 Grade Doors
* 2 Loading Docks
* 16 Standard Parking Spaces
* Power Supply - Amps: 2,100 Volts: 280 Phase: 3

Constructed in 1982, this property features sturdy masonry construction and is situated on a 2.76-acre lot with RCLM zoning. Offering between 30,774 and 66,005 square feet of industrial space, it presents flexible leasing options, allowing for combination or separate leasing of two distinct suites. Includes 10,912 square feet of office space, spanning two floors exclusively on the west side. Notably, it boasts freezer space and is equipped with an ESFR sprinkler system for enhanced fire safety measures. Power supply is robust, with amps at 2,100, volts at 280, and phase at 3. The property is fully HVAC equipped, ensuring comfortable working conditions year-round. It features a spacious 21-foot clear height and a durable 6-inch warehouse floor. Facilitating efficient logistics, equipped with two grade doors, four dock wells, and one double-wide ramped door. Additionally, outside storage is available, providing further flexibility for tenants. Ample parking is provided, complemented by fencing for security and controlled access.

Survey Item 2 of 4 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Lease
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
William P. Hobby Airport
Property Descriptions
Clear Height (ft)
Actual: 36
Office Square Feet
Actual: 3900
Total Square Feet
Actual: 148900
Further Description * 91,495 SF Industrial Space
* 11.31 AC Lot Size
* Built 2023
* Fully fenced
* 36' Clear Height
* 30 Drive-In Bays
* 7 Loading Docks
* Cold Shell Complete
* 3,900 SF office space
* ESFR Sprinkler System
* Phase: 3 Power Supply
* Quell Fire Suppression System
* Reinforced Concrete Constructed

This property was built in 2023 on 11.31 acres using reinforced concrete construction. It has a building size of 148,900 square feet, is split up into considerable spaces, and currently offers 91,495 SF of industrial space. Notable features include an ESFR Sprinkler System, a Phase 3 Power Supply, a 36' Clear Height, 30 Exterior Dock Doors, and 30 Drive-In Bays. For enhanced security, the property is fully fenced and equipped with a Quell Fire Suppression System. Additionally, the property is prepared with a Cold Shell finish and offers seven Loading Docks along with 3,900 square feet of Office Space.

Survey Item 3 of 4 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Lease
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
N Hwy 146
Further Description * 248,240 SF Building Size
* 36.32 AC Lot Size
* Built 2019
* 180’ Truck Court
* ESFR Sprinkler System
*2 Drive-In Bays
* 64 Exterior Dock Doors
* Cross Docks
* 50’ x 52’ Column Spacing
* 32’ Clear Height
* 148 Standard Parking Spaces

This cold storage facility with a building size of 248,240 SF features 420´ building depth, 32´ clear height, 50´ x 52´ column spacing with 60´ speed bays, TPO membrane roof, ESFR fire protection, 9´ x 10´ dock-high doors, 14´ x 16´ drive-in doors, 130´ to 180’ truck courts, and 45 off-dock trailer parks.

Survey Item 4 of 4 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Lease
Transaction Type Industrial & Flex
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
US 290
Property Descriptions
Clear Height (ft)
Actual: 30
Office Square Feet
Actual: 4015
Total Square Feet
Actual: 160000
Further Description * 160,000 SF Building Size
* 8.77 AC Lot Size
* Built 2002
* Reinforced Concrete Construction
* ESFR Sprinkler System
* 105’ Truck Court
* 4 Drive-In Bays
* 31 Exterior Dock Doors
* 50’ x 50’ Column Spacing
* 30’ Clear Height
* 90 Standard Parking Spaces

This recently built warehouse has a total size of 160,000 SF which of 10,528 SF of freezer & cooler storage and 4,015 SF of dedicated office space. The building features a 30' clear height, an ESFR sprinkler, T5 warehouse lighting, two dock doors, and two drive-in ramps.


Cold Storage Warehouse for Lease or Rent in Houston

A Cold Storage Word Cloud | Warehouse FinderDue to its location as a major port and its proximity to Mexico, Houston is an excellent city for distributors who want to import and store food. Houston also has a thriving Latino community. According to the 2020 census, about 44% of the population of the city of Houston (not counting the suburbs and cities in the metropolitan area) consider themselves Latino and in many cases Latinos love to eat the same food as they do in their home country. These conditions make Houston the ideal city to have cold storage warehouses. If you are a food distributor or you have restaurants in the area, your will want to have us help you find a cold storage warehouse for lease or rent where you can store your goods at the right temperatures - a place where you can keep the cold chain unbroken.

With the city's prime location boasting efficient port, rail, and highway networks, your logistical challenges are met with ease and efficiency.

Houston has a selection of warehouses equipped with state-of-the-art coolers and freezers, tailored for industries ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals. In Houston, you'll find the cold storage solutions integral to your business operations.

We offer more than just listings. We offer a curated property search experience to align with your unique requirements. No matter the size or scale of your needs, we’re here to guide you through the varied offerings of Houston’s cold storage market.

We invite you to share your contact details and specific property requirements with us. Our mission is to help you find spaces that propel your productivity and drive growth. For a glimpse of the potential that awaits you, our next section presents "Survey Items" – examples of the kinds of properties we've discovered in the area.

Experience the power of the Houston cold storage market and elevate your business to new levels of success.


What Else Are People Searching For - Cold Storage Warehouses for Lease Or Rent in Houston?

Cold Storage is critical for many applications in the warehouse industry. Some of these are listed below:

  • Food Storage
  • Food Preparation
  • Drug Storage
  • Drug Preparation
  • Valuable Document Storage

One might be interested in/searching for many terms in the industry. Some of these are listed below:

  • Refrigeration
  • Cooler
  • Freezer
  • Frozen
  • Chilled
  • Chiller
  • Cold Chain

There are several cities included in the Houston Metro Area - here are a few of the larger ones: Houston, Pasadena, Pearland, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, League City, Conroe, Baytown, Missouri City, & Galveston.

The rest - hopefully close to an inclusive list, is on our Houston Metro Area home page. You can navigate directly to the link on your Metro Home Page using the In-Page link for "Service Area Summary." This list includes all of the Cities and Towns we know in the Metro Area. Each City and Town listed is also a link to detailed statistics about that specific place drawn from various Census Bureau reports.


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