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Posted January 28, 2012 and Updated January 28, 2012 by Eric Hughes #

Commercial warehouse” as a label is broadly used to describe a number of types of commercial space typically offered for lease or rent.  For purposes of this article, we will use Five (5) main categories.

General Office/Warehouse

Typically grade level, this type of building is suited to businesses that provide a product and need to receive materials/items and ship out materials/items which may be at grade level or at dock high. The dock-high loading requirement with smaller freestanding buildings is usually facilitated thru use of in ground dock truck wells where the truck backs down a ramp to adjust for the height of the shipping container.

Bulk Distribution

Used for the distribution of palletized products in large volume, these buildings have true 4’ dock high loading with multiple doors, high clear height and fire protection systems.

Heavy Manufacturing

With grade level overhead doors and ample outside storage yard, these buildings often have large overhead cranes, heavy power and high clear heights.

Flex office/warehouse (aka Service Center Space)

Heavy office ratio and  air-conditioned and heated areas used for tech or assembly are common with Flex space.  High parking ratios and generally higher end business park settings are also popular with this type.

Truck Terminal w/Cross Dock

Used to transfer goods quickly from container to container, these buildings are usually very shallow and long to allow for a very high number of offloading spaces and overhead doors.  Additionally, an abundance of trailer storage area and staging yard is normally required.

These are some of the main categories of buildings in Commercial Warehouses which are found for Lease.

For a more recent article with an updated list, go here.

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