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Bridge Crane - Picture with Definition

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Photo of Client Bridge Crane for Illustration

A Bridge Crane is a lifting system comprising 2 sets of rails built near a warehouse’s ceiling and a bridge, or steel truss spanning these rails. The bridge holds a hoist. Movement of the hoist in all directions is effected in the direction of the rails by movement of the bridge along the rails (call this the X direction), and of the hoist between the rails along the bridge (call this the Y direction). The Hoist is normally an electrically motorized reel of cable which lifts the product up and down (call this the Z direction) which hold a hook to which materials can be attached and lifted. The warehosue volume through which the hoist can move, and therefore move material, is defined by the inside of the X/Y rectangle of the rails, and then between the floor and the highest the hoist can lift the hook. Lifting capabilities on bride cranes typically range from 2 tons to over 200 tons

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