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Important Facility Criteria to Consider When Leasing Industrial Warehouse Property

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Posted May 6, 2011 and Updated May 6, 2011 by Eric Hughes #

If you are considering leasing warehouse space and would like to get off to the best start, I advise taking time to define your needs in a facility. Specific criteria to consider:

Clear Height

Most warehouse operations have some requirement for clear height in the warehouse area to accommodate pallet racking, machinery, crane hoist systems or material handling.  Unfortunately, the supply of high clear warehouses in a strong market can be extremely limited.  In some instances a lower clear facility may be available at a deep discount which may warrant redesigning operations.

Rail Access

Having access to rail siding, which is actually serviced, can be one of the most difficult parameters to meet.  In Houston, Texas for example, Rail served property is becoming quite an asset as old antiquated siding is removed or replaced with new roadways and development.


Another requirement which can be met with some creativity.  Some clients who require dock loading when renting a warehouse will look at grade level property and dismiss it without thinking twice.  However, if adequate land exists, quality dock wells may be installed.  Worry of unlevel loading due to steep incline of the wells is unwarranted if the length of the excavation allows for the full length of a 53’ container and the rear axles of the tractor trailer.

Paved or Stabilized Yard

Installing stabilization is very expensive.  Paying a premium for property with existing surfaced yard may be worthwhile.  Also, the time required to engineer the project and meet local requirements for drainage and storm water retention can be excessive.

These are some of the main requirements and issues associated with them.

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