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Last Updated Oct. 18, 2023

A inside view photo of a very cool old heavy industrial warehouse with crane service.

Phoenix, known for its dynamic business environment, offers a variety of warehouse and industrial spaces for sale. These properties cater to businesses aiming to establish a long-term base in this vibrant city.

Benefits of Buying in Phoenix:

  • Long-Term Investment: Owning a property is a tangible asset that can appreciate over time, potentially offering significant returns.
  • Complete Control: Owners have full control over the property, allowing for customizations and modifications as per business requirements.
  • No Rental Increases: Avoid unexpected rental hikes and enjoy a fixed mortgage rate when you own the property.
  • Strategic Advantage: Many warehouses for sale are located in prime areas, close to main transportation routes for logistical efficiency.

Property Options:

The Phoenix metro area boasts a variety of warehouse spaces for sale, from large-scale facilities suitable for major enterprises to smaller spaces perfect for emerging businesses. Prospective buyers should consider factors such as location, size, infrastructure, and future expansion possibilities when making a decision.


Phoenix, with its industrial growth and strategic location, presents ample opportunities for businesses looking to invest in warehouse spaces. The city's range of available properties ensures that businesses of all sizes can find a space that meets their unique needs and objectives. Check out the options we've found in the area in our Survey Item section below, or provide your requirements using our Free Property Search form.


Industrial Space for Sale - Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Metro Area

It takes a willingness to produce, but it also brings suitable space. If you are not manufacturing but must handle extensive inventories, you must also have the ideal space. West and Southeast Phoenix offer a lot of industrial warehouses to lease or buy. The "Edge Cities" of Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Goodyear also has many industrial properties available.


Survey of Industrial Warehouse Space for Sale - Phoenix Metro

Survey Items - examples of industrial warehouse spaces for sale we've discovered in the Phoenix Metro Area.

For more about this, see our Survey/Survey Item Description Article for a contextual description of Surveys and for what they are used.

Survey Item 1 of 1 Help Me Find Properties Like This
Property Type Industrial & Flex
Transaction Type Purchase
Location Keywords
Keyword Selection
Loop 303
Keyword Selection
Northern Pkwy
Keyword Selection
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Property Descriptions
Office Square Feet
Actual: 1800
Total Square Feet
Actual: 4700
Price in $
Actual: 2000000
Property Feature Keywords
Keyword Selection
Single Tenant
Keyword Selection
A/C Warehouse
Keyword Selection
Further Description * 4,700 SF Building Area
* 2.63 AC Lot Size
* 1 Story
* Built 1983
* Class C Building
* Fenced Lot
* Storage Space
* Air Conditioning
* Single Tenant
* 1,800 SF Office
* 1,520 SF Warehouse

This property boasts a total area of 4,700 square feet and is situated on a lot of 2.63 acres. It is a Class C building designed for single occupancy. It was constructed in 1983 and includes a fenced lot, storage space, air conditioning, a 1,520-square-foot warehouse, an outdoor yard area, and a 1,800-square-foot office space.


What Else Are People Searching For - Industrial Warehouse for Sale - Phoenix Metro

This category is the most general when it comes to Warehouse Properties for your metro area. We've covered quite a few separately - like Crane-equipped, Cold Storage, and Dock High, and properties including a storage yard - which are some major categories. Some other categories (not listed in the article links at the bottom of this article) folks might be looking for are:

  • Industrial Warehouse for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Flex Warehouse for Lease, Rent, or Sale (usually has a higher-end external finish/appearance, a higher-end office area, and varying levels of warehouse space)
  • Office Warehouse for Lease, Rent, or Sale (very similar to Flex above)
  • Industrial Property for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • R&D Warehouse for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Wafer Fab for Lease, Rent, or Sale (specialized building for the fabrication of semiconductor integrated circuits)
  • Manufacturing Warehouse for Lease, Rent, or Sale
  • Drive-in Warehouses/Grade Level Warehouses for Lease, Rent, or Sale

There are many more options for searching for this type of property/space. There are also a number of issues we can help you with that are not mentioned elsewhere - things like:

  • Free Trade Zone Access (FTZ)
  • Shipping Ports
  • Airport Hubs
  • Corporate, Company and Site Relocations
  • Rail Access
  • Cross-Dock
  • Etc.

There are a number of cities included in the Phoenix Metro. Here are a few of the larger ones: Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, Peoria, Surprise, & Avondale.

The rest - hopefully close to an inclusive list, is on our Phoenix Metro Area home page. You can navigate directly to the link on your Metro Home Page using the In-Page link for "Service Area Summary." This list includes all of the Cities and Towns of which we are aware in the Metro Area. Each City and Town listed is also a link to detailed statistics about that specific place drawn from various Census Bureau reports.


Next Steps - Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Arizona Metro Area

We are working to put in place a Broker Affiliate for the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Arizona metro area. To make contact with us, please use our chat widget to the bottom right of your screen, call the number at the top right of your screen, or got to our form page to send us your contact information and a summary of your requirement. For more information about our Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Area Affiliate, and more about what we do for you, please visit our Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Metro Home Page.


What if I have a Property or Space I'd Like to List for Lease, Rent or Sale?

If you like what you see here and you have a Industrial Warehouse Space for Sale in Phoenix, or any other property or space you want to put on the market, please contact us and we'll provide you with a no-obligation listing consultation. To make contact with us, please use our chat widget to the bottom right of your screen, call the number at the top right of your screen, or use our listing information form to send us your contact information and a summary of your property.


What if I'm a Broker with a Requirement from a Valued Client that I Can't Service?

What we do here at Warehouse Finder is identify and manage Broker/Affiliates in Metro areas as they work to help valued clients get the property or space that they need. We aim to be the best at what we do. If you have a requirement you can't service - most likely for a Metro area you don't serve - please contact us using our chat widget at the bottom right of your screen, call the number at the top right of your screen, or use our Broker Requirement form to send us your contact information and a summary of the requirement you would like us to address for your valued client. We will reach out to you as soon as practical to discuss the requirement and terms for proceeding.

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